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MIKO is a platform for web3 teams to engage with capitalists, offering cap table management tools and portfolio analytics
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Poly Foundation Subsidiary 

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Executive Summary

MIKO is a Poly Foundation subsidiary that is building a platform that provides web3 teams with tools to engage with capitalists and manage equity ownership. It offers features such as cap table management tools, comprehensive reporting and analysis of an investor's portfolio, customizable portals, and compliance assistance for KYC, AML, and accreditation. MIKO also provides features for fostering meaningful relationships within a community through events and newsletters, and streamlines the process of conducting compliant fundraising and compensation offerings. MIKO's platform is a comprehensive solution for both capitalists and web3 organizations to manage equity, engage with stakeholders, and track the performance of their investments.

MIKO fits into the Poly Strategy by providing web3 teams with a platform to effectively engage with capitalists and manage their equity ownership, which supports the growth and success of the web3 ecosystem and contributes to Poly186's mission of automating the production and distribution of basic needs.


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