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LaPlace is a decentralized and artificial intelligence-powered algorithm for the control of complex simulations and networks of automated systems.
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Executive Summary

LaPlace is a Poly Foundation subsidiary that is building a platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to control complex simulations and networks of automated systems. Developed by Poly186, LaPlace utilizes the Anti-De Sitter/Conformal Field Theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence to model the flow of information and resources within a network over time, allowing it to accurately process and control the interactions within the network. This enables the efficient and effective operation of complex systems, making LaPlace a valuable tool for optimizing the performance of automated systems and improving the effectiveness of complex simulations.

LaPlace helps Poly186 achieve its mission of automating the production and distribution of basic needs by providing a platform for accurately and efficiently controlling complex simulations and networks of automated systems.


Behind The Scenes

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